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The Junior Miss Racing Xtravaganza winner is a public figure that is recognized for one year. Junior Miss Racing Xtravaganza is responsible for fan promotion of the motorsports industry. Contestants between 8-14 years of age will compete during the Racing Xtravaganza Motorsports Expo on Saturday, February 1, at 1 p.m. Appearances as Junior Miss Racing Xtravaganza may include live motorsport events, charity drives, media engagements or press announcements for racetracks and race teams. Junior Miss Racing Xtraganza is an ambassador to the motorsports industry and provides additional value to the mission of growing awareness to motorsports.

Candidates must be at least 8-14 years of age, but not already currently under monetary contract, or acting as a Queen for another pageant.

Contest will include interview and photo sessions. Sportswear, like you might wear to the race track as a trophy presenter, will be the order of dress. Judges are looking for a fun-loving, reliable Junior Miss to represent the Racing Xtravangza show for the year.

All applications must be received before or by January 19, 2020.

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